About Us

Started during the COVID19 pandemic. In the first UK lockdown in March 2020 the Hindu community of Bradford felt that it was important to come together in prayer. However, as all Temples were closed it meant we could only perform personal prayers with families at home. Social media was one platform that could bring everyone together, so Indu Dharni thought of using Zoom to bring everyone together. Family elders who didn’t live with their extended families were set up with the support of volunteers Ravinder, Vipin and Deepak. We chose one weekend to come together on Zoom to lead a prayer called Sunderkand, in hope that all lives would become sunder (beautiful) this was a powerful chapter from scriptures called the Ram-Charitmanas by Tulsidas Ji.

As a result of this we started holding daily prayers where mainly women came together. They wanted to do more than just prayers, so began charity work making food for homeless, key workers and anyone who needed our help. This group then increased its membership as more women joined from other parts of the UK, India, America, and Canada.

Help was now given to overseas students living in Bradford who now also need urgent help. This ranged from providing food, clothing, and furniture, all the funds were raised by women from this group. The workflow was co-ordinated by Indu but every member fully supported these efforts.

Our group quickly attracted recognition by the council, emergency services and the media due to all the help and aid given to local communities, we helped everyone regardless of their faith or cultural identity.

During half term this group provided lunches for children in local schools who were normally supported by free school meals but at the time were struggling. The women and mothers in our group felt their pain and didn’t want any child to go hungry during school closures.

Then when India was hit by Delta COVID variant and endured an acute Oxygen shortage, our group raised money to support people who had no access to food and emergency medicines as well providing Oxygen concentrators.

An endless amount of generosity has been shown by the group for many groups here in the UK and India which has brought the true spirit of Vasudev Kutumb-kam (the entire world is one big family).