Community Stars 2021: Fundraiser of the Year finalists

THE Fundraiser of the Year award aims to recognise the huge efforts that goes on – often behind the scenes – to bring change to communities.

This year’s finalists are the IWCUK (Indian Women’s Community UK), Shazuna Ali and St Anne’s School, Keighley.

The IWCUK helped those in need during the pandemic, raising over £10,000 to help Bradford food banks and hospitals.

The IWCUK also helped to distribute essential items to paramedics, police and care home staff, along with the help of another group, Bradford Hindu Council.

“IWCUK have helped so many people. Especially local students, who were really struggling during Covid as there were less jobs”, said a person who nominated them.

“These students required simple things like food, during these difficult circumstances. IWCUK handed out parcels so they had food to cook. Even students who were pregnant or recently had children needed basic things like baby car seats, prams and cots – IWCUK collected lots of items to help these students.”

Shazuna helped to organise a number of events to help support young people during Covid, planning and coordinating two large Eid events to help bring children together safely.

She raised funds from local businesses and friends so that she could buy gifts for the children, and raised over £1,000 in the process.

“Many families said this was vital as they could not afford gifts for their children, as they had lost their jobs during Covid. Shazuna put smiles on hundreds of children’s faces”, said a person who nominated her.

“Shazuna is kind, passionate and always puts others first”, they added.

“She will make sure that she gives 100 per cent and will not let you down. She is always available to help and support whenever she can – a true community champion.”

St Anne’s School has been nominated for raising over £2,500 for Airedale Hospital and going “the extra mile” for the community.

“From the moment you set foot into St Anne’s school, you can feel the buzz and excitement”, said a person who nominated it.

“The school team has created an inspirational environment for its students to learn, develop and thrive.

“They are inclusive and thoughtful, kind and hard working and this really rubs off on their students.

“In, February they launched their ‘St Anne’s are going the extra mile’ fundraising campaign.

“During the week, staff took it in turns to cycle on an exercise bike, including during live story time sessions and assemblies.

“They asked students and families to join in at home. Whether cycling, running or walking, everyone kept track of the miles they had done collectively.

“St Anne’s thought of it all. They included everyone. They inspired their students to join in, stay healthy and raise money as a team. It was inspirational.”

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