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Oct 2020



1. Constitution

           The IWCUK is a collaborative representative body of various  indian women  in Bradford (and the surrounding areas within West Yorkshire).

           Representation will only be for these women who have agreed to be a member of the IWCUK,

           The IWCUK is a not-for-profit organisation, operating on a common platform of understanding under no over-arching umbrella organisation.

           The IWCUK will not be represented by individuals not formally appointed by the IWCUK.

           The IWCUK may seek advice from individual(s) who are not associated with it.

2. Membership

           The membership of the Group comprises of:

          Only individual’s may be a member.

           The membership of the Group will be reviewed as the need arises.


3. Structure and Voting System.

3.1 Board

Board members would be people who have experience of being an office bearer in their organisation. The Board would be where the Four / Six office bearers of the IWCUK would be involved in helping to make the strategic decisions for the long-term future of the IWCUK.

3.3 Rules for Voting

       Only members may vote in the board meeting

       Voting members will be kept on a register and can be viewed by any member.

       Any new member wanting to join IWCUK will be allocated one vote at the board only after they have been a member of the IWCUK for a minimum of twelve months.

       Only voting members may be present for the confidential matters of the IWCUK


4. Purpose, Aims and Objectives

           The purpose of the IWCUK is to have a common platform to discuss issues affecting Indian women  of Bradford.

           Our aims are to promote the values & ideals of IWCUK and increase the profile amongst all the communities in the Bradford area.


           The key objectives of the Group are to:

       Dismantle any barriers preventing communties from working together.

       Communicate through ONE Voice for issues affecting the Indian Women, which may also impact on religion, customs & traditions, and beliefs.

       Promote Indian culture, morals and beliefs whilst respecting other religions and cultures from the wider communities of Bradford,

       Feedback any issues raised by the board back to the community organisations of Bradford.

5. Responsibilities and Behaviours


           Ensure that the key objectives are appropriately defined and understood by all IWCUK members.

           Promote and develop a culture of understanding and co-operation amongst all members of the IWCUK.

           Respect the views and opinions of every member of the IWCUK.

           Refrain from political opinions, biases and prejudices unless it is directly affecting the membership of the IWCUK.

           No member to assume outright leadership / ownership of the IWCUK nor shall any member promote their own organisation above the IWCUK.

           Ensure no-one acts in a manner which may be derogatory towards any member,organisation, community, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or race.

6. Agenda and Papers

           Standard agenda items:

       Introductions and apologies

       Minutes of Previous Meeting

       Specific meeting agenda items – agreed in advance of the meeting

       Items to escalate

       Any other business

       Time and date of next meeting

           The agenda and papers for meetings will be distributed by the IWCUK secretary (electronically where possible) in advance of the meeting.

7. Frequency of Meetings

           The IWCUK will meet Quarterly. Additional meetings will be arranged as determined by the Group.

8. Accountability, Responsibility and Authority

           The IWCUK shall be accountable to each of the members.

           Costs: Any costs incurred by the IWCUK during an event shall be equally shared amongst the membership, where appropriate.

9. Review Date

9.1       These Terms of Reference shall be reviewed on an annual basis by the IWCUK.