Our Partners

We help and work with the following charities and organisations

Monday Munch Homeless Support Bradford

A monday night feed for the homeless and those in need. Great food friendly service there to chat and help if we can .

The Bradford Hindu Council

The Bradford Hindu Council is the representative body for over 20+ Hindu organisations within and around the Bradford Metropolitan District. The purpose of the Bradford Hindu Council (BHC) is to bring together the collective strengths of the Hindu community for benefit of our community and the wider society.

Monday Munch Homeless Support Bradford

At Bradford Hospitals’ Charity, we believe there’s always more we can do for our patients. It is only through the kindness, generosity and hard work of our supporters raising vital funds for our charity that we are able to do more and more every year, to take us closer to achieving our vision to provide the best possible facilities and environment at Bradford Teaching Hospitals. DO SOMETHING BRILLIANT FOR BRADFORD! There are loads of different ways to get involved and support our hospitals. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Bradford Curry Project

Bradford Curry Project is a multi-faith, multi-cultural charity in which all the major faiths of Bradford work together to serve those in need. The aim of the organisation is to provide free meals to people in Bradford who are in need.

Homeless hampers

Homeless Hampers was established in November 2015.
Our aim was to collect and distribute ‘hampers’ to the homeless for Christmas, containing essentials such as toiletries and chocolate.
The first outreach involved one flask of coffee and 5 volunteers handing out hampers.
The community supporting us had donated 150 hampers that first Christmas.

BEAP Community Partnership

Community Partnership Priorities: BEAP Community Partnership exists to focus on meeting the needs of the local community in Manningham, Bradford. The partnerships main visions simply are: Providing services either through itself or partners in order to address high levels of deprivation and disadvantage in the neighbourhood, in particular the Bangladeshi Community in Bradford. Engaging with local people, helping them to form and action their own agendas for positive change (sustainable, and people oriented).

Girlington Community Centre

Girlington Community Centre is a voluntary based non-profit organisation.
We provide key services to the local community directly or through tenants.
The services we provide include: ESOL classes; advice, advocacy, sewing classes, exercise classes; IT classes; cooking classes and room and hall hire facilities. Our management committee is made up of local residents; they help to make decisions in relation to the services we provide.
Our centre works with many different groups including children, young adults, older people, parents, women and BME groups. The motivation for applying for this grant is to enable us to deliver activities which will benefit a large number of children with in the immediate community which mainly consists of BME communities including Eastern European. Girlington is a highly deprived area and there is no existing provision to develop children’s play skills in this locality

Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank

We are: Lashman Singh, Ken Leach, Julie Woodhurst, Frances Atkins, Helen Bradshaw Lynskey, Graham Walker, Steve Barnbrook, John Henkel, Becky Hutchinson & Rob Edwards. We have a range of knowledge and experience within the voluntary and statutory sector. Many of us are already involved in similar areas of volunteering work with people in need of food & came together in one organisation in pursuit of consolidating such efforts across the District. We form the Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank Committee and run the Food Bank in an entirely voluntary capacity, along with the help of many other volunteers.

Near Neighbours

Kaneez is based at Faithful Neighbours in Leeds. Faithful Neighbours is a small seed taking root in the ground; the idea is for all Christians to show friendship to people who follow different faiths. We equip churches for confident, welcoming mission and ministry in a multi-faith world. Faithful Neighbours is supported and funded by the Diocese of Leeds, the Church of England in West Yorkshire & the Dales.